March, Tuesday 6th

14:30 (room 2014, 'Digiteo Shannon' 660 building) (see location)

Ulisse Ferrari

(Institut de la Vision)

Title: Neuroscience & big-data: Collective behavior in neuronal ensembles


In both cerebral cortices and sensory systems, information is represented and transmitted through
the correlated activity of large neuronal networks. Neurons, in fact, do not work independently:
each of them drives the activity of the others, thus working as a collective ensemble. In contrast to
past years, nowadays experimental techniques allow for measuring the synchronous activity of large
populations, and hence for probing neuronal systems at the network level. However, this
advancement comes with a challenge: developing new concepts and tools to cope with such
massive data.
In this talk, I will combine methods borrowed from Statistical Physics and Machine Learning to
characterise the collective behavior of neurons. Following a data-driven approach, either supervised
or unsupervised, I will learn models to unveil the interaction network underlying the activity of
large neuronal systems.


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