March, Tuesday 20th

14:30 (room 2014, 'Digiteo Shannon' 660 building) (see location)

Hugo Richard

(Parietal/TAU teams, INRIA)

Title: Data based analysis of visual cortex using deep features of videos


The understanding of brain functional architecture has long been
driven by subtractive reasoning approaches, in which the activation
patterns associated with different experimental conditions presented
in event-related or block designs are contrasted in order to yield
condition-specific maps.

A more ecological way of stimulating subjects consists in presenting
complex continuous stimuli that are much more similar to every-day
cognitive experiences.

The analysis of the ensuing complex stimulation streams proceeds by
extracting relevant features from the stimuli and correlating the
occurrence of these features with the brain activity recorded
simultaneously with the presentation of the stimuli.

We use deep representations to map the visual cortex's functional architecture by assessing specifically how well each layer of the deep model explains the activations in each area of the visual cortex. This leads us to a data-based representation of the visual cortex.

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