Post-Doc Kyushu 2009

Post-Doc Position Available

Prof. Einoshin Suzuki

Dept. of Informatics, ISEE,

Kyushu University, Japan

Suzuki laboratory affiliated with Kyushu University seeks one full-time Post-Doctoral researcher in Data mining and Machine learning applied to Robotics.

The position, funded by the Japan Science Technology Agency (JST) on 12 months, is defined in the context of the Japanese-French collaboration on ``Integrating Symbolic Discovery with Numerical Machine Learning for Autonomous Swarm Control" (joint JST Kyushu University - CNRS Université Paris-Sud). The project is scheduled from October 2008 to September 2011 but only at most one-year-basis employment is possible due to the regulations of Kyushu University. The salary is fixed after the regulations of Kyushu University and is comparable to that of an assistant professor.

Specifically, the candidate will do his or her research at the cross-section of statistical learning, robotics, and data mining of the logs of the robots. The scientific challenges are related to:

  1. the primary acquisition of collaborative behaviours, e.g. through apprenticeship learning;

  2. the exploitation of the robotic logs constructed by running the primary controllers, through data mining. The output of the robotic log mining is meant to identify:

    • relevant regularities, to be turned into high-level descriptors

    • the contexts in which the available controllers fail.

  3. the use of the above findings to improve both:

    • the automatic acquisition of controllers, through a more compact representation

    • the design of focused experiments, to correct inappropriate actions.

Candidates must have a strong background with good publications in several of the following fields: data mining, statistical machine learning, and robotics. He or she must be willing to become proficient in all of them.

The successful candidate will have a strong commitment to research and publication, and good communication skills in English. He or she will be available for possibly long visits to the French laboratory involved in the project. The ability to work as a part of an international research group, and participate into the production of deliverables to fixed deadlines is essential.

The Japanese leader of the project is Prof. Suzuki (Kyushu University); the French leaders are Dr Sebag (CNRS) and Dr Schoenauer (INRIA).


Candidates are welcome to send an e-mail with their CV (preferably as PDF attachment) to

  • Einoshin Suzuki, suzuki AT i.kyushu-u DOT ac DOT jp

  • Michele Sebag, sebag AT lri DOT fr

  • Marc Schoenauer, marc DOT schoenauer AT inria DOT fr

The location is in the Ito campus of the Kyushu University (40 minutes from Fukuoka downtown).

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