June, Friday 22th

11:00 (Shannon amphitheatre, 660 building) (see location)

Peter Bosman

(CWI, Delft)

Title: Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithms - From Foundations to Applications


In this talk I will introduce the Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary
Algorithm (GOMEA) and illustrate its advantageous properties over classical
"blind" Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs). GOMEA belongs to the class of
Model-Based EAs (MBEAs) and focuses particularly on efficiently learning and
exploiting so-called linkage models that describe dependencies between the
variables that are used to encode solutions to the optimization problem at hand.

Recent work expands the GOMEA as originally introduced for classical binary
representations to other domains, including permutations, real values, and
tree-based genetic programming for both single- and multi-objective optimization

Besides the foundations of GOMEA, I will present the projects that my subgroup
of Medical Informatics at CWI is currently involved in, outlining how our GOMEA
research also fuels our research into real-world-applied optimization, machine
learning, and explainable AI in the medical domain, in collaboration with hospitals
and other academic partners.

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