January 25th

10:30, room 2014 (Shannon 660) (see location):

Romain Julliard (Professor at the National Museum of Natural History)


Citizen science « à la française »: from Vigie-nature to « 65 millions d’observateurs », toward a national framework for citizen science.


In 2009, Johnathan Silvertown wrote “citizen science is becoming a distinctly 21st century phenomenon” (in “A new dawn for citizen science”, Trend in Ecology and Evolution). Over the last 15 years, the Muséum has developed a particular form of citizen science, based on the assumption that ambitious research program can be implemented relaying on the participation of citizen. This supposes a strong implication of academics and a clear role for non-academics in such project. The result is quite different from “big data through crowdsourcing”. Rather than collecting a lot of data with little commitment of the public, we advocate for collecting data according to a scientific method, allowing the evaluation of data precision, data repeatability and data representability. We will illustrate that, with a particular focus on possible cooperation with data science. The future development and implementation of citizen science may be strongly facilitated by the citizen science framework we are developing in the 4-years long 65MO project ending in 2019.

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